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Anna, LaConasse.

Sex of the Conasse: Female.

Age: she is old, she is 35 years old.

Place of residence of the Conasse: Cave / grotto / the sewers.. (Depends on the season)

La Connasse eats Jaggermeister, herbal tea or fries.  

La Connasse opens her mouth to sing, insult her boss, welcome her customers and sometimes for nothing.

The bitch has a passion for the sound of hell and any other inaudible din as well as her job as Shop Manager at Hellfest Corner.

La Connasse has a double life: When she comes out of her cave she officiates singing in blóð and in LYNN.

La Connasse is easy to identify: She is blonde and she always wants to pee.

Motto of the bitch: I promise tomorrow I'll stop being a bitch...

oh no I'm kidding!



Jimmy Delor:

Come see me and maybe I'll

would tell...


Hi all ! I'm bluesailles

Florent AKA Flo/Mephisto.

The tall dark broken bartender at Hellfest Corner. But this has not always been the case. For a few years I have been surveying different bars as a bartender, but before that I went through hairdressing, self-wellness (massage parlour) or even preparation of medical bodies (funeral directors / morgue).

I'm more of a smiling nature, that doesn't mean that I like you for all that, but you'll see me very often with a smile and a good mood, after all who would like to be served by a sulky guy, we're not at Black Dog nan small dedication for the friends.

You can find me from Wednesday to Saturday to delight your taste buds with a unique cocktail, so don't hang around.

I'll give you a hug as a bonus if you give me the answer to this question:

What is the bar where you can listen to good sound and find all your friends if you have the answer don't hesitate to shout it to me. 🤘🏻🤘🏻


Laurent Rossi

47 years old, was in the past press officer and project manager at Delabel Virgin (Prodigy, Arno, M, Assassin…), project manager then marketing director at V2 Music (RZA, Tom Jones, Passi…), vice- president at  (europ@web, Bernard Arnaud group), marketing manager at Atmospheric (Wampas, Louise Attaque, Wallen…), founded and directed Beggars Group France (Pixies, White Stripes, Adele…), became managing director of Jive Epic/Sony Music (Sexion d'Assaut, Bénabar, Aldebert, Shakira, Justin Timberlake… But also Ozzy, Dagoba, Acod, Judas Priest and Century Media), was president and vice-president of the FCM (Fond pour la Création Musicale), has also was administrator for Sony Music of the We Love Green festival.

In 2018, after 25 years in the phonographic industry, decides to devote himself 100% to extreme music and creates Alchimie Publishing (Landmvrks, Gost…). In 2019, the Hellfest Corner project was launched with Matthieu Drouot (Gérard Drouot Productions).

Fed an uncontrollable passion for music in general (metal and classical music in particular) and Paris Saint Germain (no one is perfect).

Would rather be in front of the bar than behind it, without a doubt the least efficient bartender at Hellfest Corner...

But the one with the most beautiful brushing.


Greg Aka GregH Photographer  

Coming from an audiovisual course and Passionate about images for many years, I started photography as a hobby more than ten years ago.

Throughout my personal and professional experiences,  

I was able to learn from experienced image technicians and photographers to improve my technique and my sensitivity.

I materialize with GHP, my love for live imagery

and rock and metal events.

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