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Soutiens le Hellfest Corner
Soutiens le Hellfest Corner
Anna, Jimmy, Flo (L'équipe du Hellfest Corner), GregH (photographe), ChoupieMoods (Web/Réseaux) ont décidé de lancer "Soutiens le Hellfest Corner". Pour aider leur bar à traverser cette crise qui dure depuis un an. Dans le dos des "patrons" ;-) ... Appel au don sans contrepartie.

Soutiens le Hellfest Corner

Soutiens le Hellfest Corner
Soutiens le Hellfest Corner Anna

Soutiens le Hellfest Corner Anna

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Soutiens le Hellfest Corner Jimmy

Soutiens le Hellfest Corner Jimmy

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Soutiens le Hellfest Corner Florent

Soutiens le Hellfest Corner Florent

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Grosvide 19

At the beginning I said to myself that I could make a video to tell how much

I missed the Hellfest Corner as an entity...

Thinking about what I could say, I very quickly found myself confronted with the futility of my words.

in relation to an unprecedented and very serious situation that we are all experiencing, on different scales in our country...

Besides, isn't it true that the people in the image have the reputation of not being comfortable

when it comes to getting to the other side of the lens...

For the sake of sobriety and respect, I decided to write a "little" text.

As I write these lines, I remember a somewhat atypical worksite, replacing the former Dr Feelgood,

also preceded by the excellent Ozo, (first bar I went to after my return from Montpellier editor's note)

I remember Laure telling me "we're preparing something cool, would you like to come and take pictures"

So in addition to loving going there to take pictures of the "work in progress" for many weeks,

I quickly knew that this place would have a special place for me...

After multiple administrative twists, construction, galleys was born from the infernal fire the Hellfest Corner.

A beautiful and vibrant challenge from the LoloMama team which brought a bit of the soul of Hellfest to our Parisian gloom.

A great adventure that was off to a good start, then came the transport strike, then the social movements of the Yellow Vests... The HFC and its team were mistreated but got out of it... Its future could only be radiant after all these adventures...

And then, a year ago, a virus, transmitted to humans for gastronomically questionable reasons, locked our country...

The HFC was able to keep its head above water, by composing, by "reinventing" itself and suddenly it came to a total halt.

Stunned, I hoped, we hoped, that it would only be temporary, and that soon we would meet over a beer to exchange everything and nothing but especially music...

To remain socially alive in a place that we love, that we love viscerally.

This place, we have been deprived of it for endless months,

I haven't had any images in my camera for months of people I deeply adore, admire and respect...

For months I can no longer capture the quintessence of what a place so full of humanity represents socially.

For months I've been worried about my friends, who don't want us to help them, but to let them work.

For months I have noticed that we are trying to resuscitate everyone and that we let Culture (in the broad sense) perish, emptying us little by little of our real reason to vibrate, to live.

Two years in a row that we have been deprived of a festival...

A long, too long year riddled with uncertainties, but which will in no way have blunted

my confidence in the survival of the Corner.

We are dealing with tough guys, hotter than hell itself!

When all of this is finally over, many of us will be there.

I love you, courage the Dream team.

Photographically your.


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